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Tips to keep your immunity strong this winter

Posted on : 4/13/2016

As SA summer draws to a close and the cold, wet winter begins to set in, it’s important to ensure you keep a strong immune system.

In order to keep away the flu, colds and bronchitis which are common ailments that seem to attack our bodies through the change of seasons. Eco Diva Nicole Sherwin offers tips on diet, lifestyle and supplements. 

pH stands for power of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered being neutral. Our ideal pH is slightly alkaline - 7.30 to 7.45.

When the body is too acidic, the immune system struggles to fight off germs, infections and disease, so it’s easy to become ill very quickly. Acid builds up in our systems from stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, change of seasons, too much coffee/tea, sugar, alcohol and cigarettes, to name a few.

Diet is the first stop on the way to perfect pH balance and ultimately a strong immune system. Here is a list of acid forming foods to avoid as well as alkaline forming foods to increase in your diet:

Acid forming foods: Avoid

Sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, coffee, tea (unless it’s herbal), popcorn, cheese, dairy, pastries, cakes, biscuits, sugar, red meat, alcohol, vinegar, hamburgers, fast foods, deep fried foods, artificial sweeteners, grains (gluten).

Alkaline forming foods: Good for you

Filtered or pH balanced water, fresh vegetables, spinach, cucumber, carrots, avocados, asparagus, broccoli, kale, lemons, eggplant, mushrooms, olives, wild rice, brown rice, onion, brussel sprouts, fish, papaya, seaweed, cabbage, green beans, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, almonds, apples.

Next on your list of ‘must-haves’ should be the right supplementation to keep your immune system strong and able to cope. 

Ester-C (vitamin C)

Ester C is an esterified form of vitamin C and is much more absorbable and easier on the digestive system. It also helps to keep colds and flu away and is a great anti-oxidant.

Vit B Complex

Vitamin B complex has several anti-aging properties as well as anti-stress properties. It actually helps you stay healthier by providing a strong, unbroken barrier against viruses, bacteria and other antigens.


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